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2010 Consumer Shopping Guide for Homeowners and Tenants Insurance

Here's a handy guide by the New York State Insurance Department for home insurance. You can see how many companies deal with foreigners here (not all do) and contact them directly. Note not all give a website/email/phone number but its easy to look them up on the internet. Consumer Shopping Guide for Homeowners and Tenants Insurance (*pdf) - Upstate comparison tables

Recession Real Estate Investing – Growth vs. Cashflow

Over the next few weeks I would like to look at a number of ‘conventional wisdoms’ of real estate that influenced investors worldwide, and explore whether they still hold up in the current environment. Let’s first look at one of the easy targets. Investing for Capital Growth This mantra arguably lost more money for investors than any other over the last five years. During the boom time, the bubble...

How Gearing Makes a Difference

‘Gearing’ is similar to the gear of a car – its main function is to make things work harder for you with less effort. In our case we are talking about investment and getting the money to work harder on your behalf. Gearing is all about good debt. Gear too highly and some void periods or drops in rental can kill you but gear correctly and your cashflow will benefit. Here is an example: Let’s...

Successful Real Estate Investing 3 – Focus On Cashflow

In the past, there was a received wisdom (usually among agents selling overpriced ‘investments’ for high commissions) to ‘invest for capital growth’ – i.e. don’t worry so much about what the Yield is, just buy where you think is an ‘up and coming area’ or ‘the next big thing’ – these in Europe were places like Capital cities in Eastern Europe (Tallinn, Riga, Sofia, Prague, Budapest) and Holiday...

What To Do With £50,000?

What should you do if you have £50,000 in the bank and don’t know where to invest? Below are some examples of the returns to expect over 5 years. Investing your money in the bank will get maximum 27.6%, in UK real Estate 38%, with high yield real estate via Abbotsinch 79.3%. This demonstates that in a flat/recessionary market, yield is the most important factor if you want to maximise returns. Bank...

Successful Real Estate Investing 2 – Keep an Eye on Your Yield

Yield can be calculated as Gross Yield or Net Yield – it is used both as a rough comparison on cashflow between competing investments and as an indicator of what income you should be expecting. Gross yield for example, is calculated by taking the annual rent on a property, and dividing that by the value of the property. I.e. if you were to buy a typical double unit house through Abbotsinch Capital,...

Why Invest In USA? Why ‘Rust Belt’ Cities?

USA has the largest real estate market in the English speaking world. It also is one of the most diverse.There are arguments on both sides for investing in US assets but events are beginning to show that the US$ is behaving as a ‘haven’ currency, retaining and even strengthening against the British Pound and Euro and is perceived as having more internal stability, within a more dynamic economy. ...

Successful Real Estate Investing I – Do Your Research

Any successful real estate investor will tell you that the most important work is done BEFORE the investment is made. Saying NO to an investment is one thing that separates successful investors from failures. One easy way to do this is to simplify the process down to a checklist of investment boxes to be ticked and if the deal stacks up, all the boxes will be ticked. Here is an example checklist...
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