Cawdor Property Management

August 17, 2016

As the longer time readers and friends will know, I’m now a US resident and living in Buffalo full time. It’s enabled me to improve the quality of service to investors, and that’s now become better with the introduction of our new full service Property Management Option.

We’ve listened to investors issues and expectations and while we now provide a free snagging inspection for every house purchase before closing, in order to ensure we have our eyes open to any issues and can deal with them, we decided to go a step further.

I noticed that often the large ‘industrial scale’ property managers, while being good, tended to often overlook some attention to detail, purely because of the large size of the businesses. Our property management business (named ‘Cawdor Property Management’) will be limited to just our own investor group and we’ll limit the size to 150 units per property manager, in order to keep a focus on tenant quality. Every house will be inspected prior to it being taken on so the tenant gets a good quality home, and we’ll look at ways to increase rents wherever possible.

The service will start in September 2016 and anyone interested in using us, please feel free to get in touch.

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