Guaranteed 6% Rental Income

An increasingly popular formula for investors who wish to invest in real estate in the USA is the “guaranteed rental income” system.

This formula is really a carefree form of investing in real estate; with the guarantee of high returns. We guarantee a net rental income of 6% per year!

For example, you want to invest a portion of your savings in real estate in Buffalo and decide to buy a house or duplex – certain houses meet our criteria for this, and so with this option, you can take a guaranteed income, plus the benefit of the annual capital growth.


After purchasing your property, we offer you a contract for a term of 5 years, which specifies that you will receive 6% net of the purchase amount of your property each year. So, Cawdor LLC (our in house Property Manager) rents the house for you. If desired and agreed by both parties, this contract can be extended by another 5 years. This means a net return of 6% per year plus the increasing value of your property.

And when we say “net”; we mean net: No hidden costs, no electricity bills, etc. … All you need to do is collect your 6%, we take care of the maintenance, cleaning, rentals, etc. On top of the value increase of your Investment Property, you will receive an additional 6% net rental income In summary, this is a great way to de-risk your investment and is very suitable for the new or risk-averse investor.

‘I bought 2 houses from Abbotsinch four years ago, and with their help, I was able to find a good location within my budget. They managed everything and I receive my rent every month with minimal hassle. Although it wasn’t the reason for buying the houses, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have almost doubled in value since purchase. ‘ – Nick G

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