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House for Sale: West Side, Buffalo

Large 4 unit building for sale in West Side, Buffalo, USA. This building, fully let for $2100 a month and in great condition is in an excellent up and coming location on Buffalo’s West Side. The famous ‘West Side Bazaar’ is round the corner as well as the café’s and shops of Grant Street. This would be an excellent growth play as the neighbourhood improves rapidly and potential values and rents...

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Gold or Real Estate?

It seems everyone is talking about buying gold these days, so I thought I’d look at a broad comparison between this ‘safe haven’ asset and the type of real estate that I encourage on this website. Real estate and gold have a number of similarities: 1. Both are physical, tangible assets, and are thus good insurance against inflation of paper or ‘fiat’ currencies (i.e. USD). 2. Both assets therefor...

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Why Are House Prices So Different in Different Cities?

Let’s look at two US cities with similar median income – Buffalo, in New York State, and Los Angeles, California. Both stand around the same level at $63,000 yet the unemployment in Buffalo stands at around 7.7%. It is a full 2% below the national average, while in Los Angeles it has shot up to 11.6%. So why does the average house in Los Angeles cost $321,000, more than 3 times that of Buffalo,...

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