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Real Estate Myths Debunked: ‘Location, Location, Location’

We’ve all heard slick TV real estate agents coming out with the same tired old cliché advising us that ‘it’s all about location’ in order to make some kind of wise real estate decision. As if just by saying it, it makes them seem smart or clever. I doubt if they really even think about what they’re saying. Of course, Knightsbridge is a ‘top location’ in central London, and would tick all the boxes...

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Renovation Versus New Build – Buying Below Residual Value

A big theme these days is the comparison between buying a new home, or fixing up/extending an existing one. Which is the better option? Well, in many markets across USA prices remain stubbornly high for newbuild homes, so a wrecked old foreclosure may make better value for money. But renovation isn’t for everyone, and costs can escalate, especially if you’re looking at the luxury end of the market. In...

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