Author: Alan Findlay

Buying ‘Recession Proof’

Following on from the more general article above – no matter what the current economic outlook, take the following into account when you buy and you’ll see through the next downturn without flinching –  Buy primarily for Cashflow. Do not ‘Buy for capital growth’ Right now I’m in Cebu, Philippines (much of our back office work is done here). The city is the middle of condo boom, the like of...

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What will happen to the US Market in 2019?

So, I know what you are all thinking. Probably the same as me – Ok its January 2019 now, the US and my real estate portfolio had a decent year, especially in the capital growth department. But what next? Is it still good value? Is it overpriced? How does it compare with Europe in terms of the prospects? Do I buy a few more now or do I wait in case there’s a correction? I find it’s always good...

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Building your Assets – Is Real Estate a necessary part of a Larger Asset Portfolio?

There is a school of thought that says that in an ever uncertain world, you need a solid foundation to your assets. Something where you win through times good and bad. Some people used Gold, or Government Treasuries for this, some maybe would consider corporate bonds or cash.  These assets have one thing in common – while they’re generally considered low risk, and don’t make much profit,...

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Is a Real Estate Bubble Forming?

For those of us who’ve been around through a crash or two, there’s always a bit of nervousness when an economy or a market seems to be growing too fast, or the returns on our investments seem too good.   Right now, is a time like that here in USA. Unemployment is at all-time lows. Wage growth is high and GDP growth is high. Everyone is doing well. That’s also reflecting in the housing market–...

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Portfolio Mortgages for Foreign Investors

We’re just completing our first portfolio mortgage for an overseas client here in Buffalo. Mortgage Lending on a portfolio is in effect, the ‘magic ingredient’ in an investor’s portfolio. While the costs can be higher than regular bank lending, the lending for foreigners is quite competitive and user friendly, and of course Increases our ROI                     enormously.   To show the difference,...

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How will Trump’s Presidency Affect the Real Estate Market?

It’s the question everyone has been asking me this week, so I decided to take a stab at an answer. Trump (and Clinton’s) campaign were both characterized by rubbishing the others reputation and determinedly avoiding any kind of policy detail. So we now have a President of the most powerful nation on earth, who actually doesn’t have any set in stone ideas, policy, or overarching philosophy. Donald...

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What Options Do UK Buy to Let Investors Have?

The UK government has, for reasons unknown, been using UK buy to let investors as whipping boys for years now, but of late has really stepped up the assault. Landlords are seen, at least by the media, as bad, exploitative people for simply providing a service that people want, need, and are willing to pay for. We’ve taken it lying down to date, because its usually tax on what was in the past a very...

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Cawdor Property Management

As the longer time readers and friends will know, I’m now a US resident and living in Buffalo full time. It’s enabled me to improve the quality of service to investors, and that’s now become better with the introduction of our new full service Property Management Option. We’ve listened to investors issues and expectations and while we now provide a free snagging inspection for every house purchase...

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Bank Lending, Yields and Real Values

Every now and then it’s useful to take a step back from the daily grind of finding good investments and look at the larger trends developing in the world. The rise of non-establishment populism; the continuing next to nothing interest rates; the larger economic and social issues that seem to loom over our shoulders like the four horsemen of the apocalypse. One larger trend that strikes...

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