Buffalo Property Transactions June 2010 II

July 29, 2010

Buffalo property transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County clerk’s office for the week ending June 13.

Highest price: $900,000
Average price: $119,792
Median price: $45,000
Number of Sales:30

40 Stanley St. & 1399 Bailey, Joseph T. Ryerson & Son Inc. to 40 Stanley Llc, $900,000.

200 Delaware Ave., Unit 1503, Uniquest Delaware to Wayne W. Mertz; Patricia M. Mertz, $835,000.

209 Nottingham Terrace, Emanuel Amato to Cynthia Brickell, $348,000.

450 Linwood Ave., Bridget M. Hesse to Anna M. Carr, $290,000.

116 St. James Place, Peggy A. Todoro; Carl A. Todoro to Carlie A. Todoro-Rickus; John K. Rickus, $135,000.

28 Capen Blvd., Clarence Platner; Mildred T. Platner to Britt A. White; Adam W. White, $118,000.

28 Hollywood Ave., Michael H. Ork to Mariellen F. Trevean, $113,500.

387 Forest Ave., John Brinkworth to Daniela Kayser; Jonathan Kayser, $105,000.

20 Midland St., Anthony Calabrese; Carol M. Feeney to Ashley M. Feeney, $85,000.

132 Cumberland Ave., Patricia Halligan; Thomas J. Halligan to Diane Hupp; Matthew J. Hupp, $64,000.

352 West Ave., Marjorie A. Mancinelli to Andrew J. Baker, $63,000.

17 Aldrich Place, Ralph F. Siller; Helene A. Siller to Amanda Felt, $62,500.

477 East St., Black Rock-Riverside Neighborhood Housing Services Inc. to Zamora Janerky De LaPena, $52,500.

1089 Tonawanda St., Gary Nuchereno to Harold R. Niesen, $49,000.

89 Gallatin Ave., Josephina Figueroa; Efrain Figueroa; Josefina Figueroa to Dhalma Figueroa, $47,000.

123 Auburn, Xan O’Connor to Jessica L. Hernandez, $43,000.

102 Greenwood Ave., Andrew Shedyak; Majed Majed to Johnny Majed, $40,000.

231 Ideal St., Joseph Corbi; Armando Corbi; Janet Sieczkarek; Angela Segiel; Angeline Corbi to Gregory R. Imiola, $40,000.

232 Potomac Ave., Alyssa M. Navarro to Shaira I. Hernandez, $35,000.

105 Frank Ave., HUD to Ronald Planter, $34,000.

411 Dartmouth, Shirley B. Mazourek to Keith Canazzi; Equity Trust Company, $24,000.

51 Albert Ave., Joseph A. Puccio; Helen M. Puccio to Barbara Anderson, $20,000.

88 18th St., Fannie Mae to Tamla Moo, $18,000.

141 Metcalfe, Robert M. Smith to Pensco Trust Company; Linda Canazzi, $16,500.

120 Roosevelt Ave., Robert Jacobson; Marolyn A. Jacobson to Federal Home Loan Corp., $15,251.

Vacant Land/Washington St., Upwood Realty Associates to Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp., $12,000.

373 Grider St., Michele D. Paige; Lorence A. Paige to Keith Canazzi; Equity Trust Company, $11,500.

181 15th St., Fred R. Tutino; Ferdinando R. Tutino; Annie J. Tutino to Great Lakes Property Maintenance, $7,000.

124 Victoria, Bernest E. Tubbs to Larance Russell, $5,000.

510-512 High, Wallace David Hull; Wallace D. Hull to Bjorn K. Perry, $5,000.

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