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We are focused on sourcing investment property with strong cash flow. We believe this combines a reasonable and steady long term return for investors combined with manageable risks, and avoids the vagaries of real estate speculation.

Our current focus is on the cities of Western New York, where we have a full team set up and good local knowledge of the areas involved.

We source high yielding real estate investment property here for individuals and institutional investors, both on a one by one basis and via various investment vehicles.

1. Buying Investment Property on a personal basis – We can source your investment property, with a small finders fee. This service includes all the hand holding expected by any investor in a new market, and our team includes Tax and Legal specialists, and your full letting and management service incorporates an online service where you can access your account at any time via your own personal password and login.

2. Investing in one of our Real Estate Funds – This is a similar way to invest as above, with the investment going into a pooled investment company, with you as a shareholder. One advantage of this is that it exposes you to a broader range of investments, and there is a more structured exit via a market listing for those who are looking for a more defined investment horizon.

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