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2015 in Buffalo

It’s felt like a quick 2014 here in Buffalo, but all in all it’s been the best year since I moved here. Momentum is gathering and in certain areas, house prices are rising fast (Overall, Buffalo prices rose 16 percent since May 31, 2006 – highest among the nation’s 100 largest metro areas, according to research by Clear Capital) The biggest risers have all been the more upmarket city...

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Risks of investing?

Someone asked me the other day – ok Alan, if I should be looking at about 15% return plus capital growth, there MUST be some risk involved there. What are those risks? So I thought I’d share my thoughts on this with you. 1. Management Good management is the overriding factor in making the difference between a successful investment and a bad one. Having bad or ineffective management of the property...

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Story of a Yield Hunter

A lot of people ask me – how on earth did you end up in Buffalo? In fact that’s often one of the first things people ask. So here is my story. In 2000, Hackney East London was a poor neighborhood. When I moved there, my colleagues in the city enquired on my sanity. ‘But I can walk or cycle to work’ I reposted. ‘And it’s half the price of Islington, a mile away.’ East London But the main interesting...

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