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Real Estate Myths Debunked: ‘Location, Location, Location’

We’ve all heard slick TV real estate agents coming out with the same tired old cliché advising us that ‘it’s all about location’ in order to make some kind of wise real estate decision. As if just by saying it, it makes them seem smart or clever. I doubt if they really even think about what they’re saying. Of course, Knightsbridge is a ‘top location’ in central London, and would tick all the boxes...

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Buffalo Property Transactions in May Week 3

Buffalo real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County clerk’s office for the week ending May 21. Highest price: $990,000 Average price: $123,047 Median price: $58,625 Number of Sales: 42 • 200 Delaware Ave., Delaware Uniquest Llc to Phillip A. Baum, $990,000. • 270&281&303 Central&1438 Bailey, BSM-DE Inc. to 25 Depot Street Inc., $684,432. • 132 Lakefront...

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Why Invest In USA? Why ‘Rust Belt’ Cities?

USA has the largest real estate market in the English speaking world. It also is one of the most diverse.There are arguments on both sides for investing in US assets but events are beginning to show that the US$ is behaving as a ‘haven’ currency, retaining and even strengthening against the British Pound and Euro and is perceived as having more internal stability, within a more dynamic economy. ...

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